Concon, Chile

With Sally Van Cleve

Sally studied abroad in Chile, fell in love with this little surf town on the coast and returned after she graduated and has been living there for the last 3 years. She loves to surf and runs surf therapy from the beaches of Concon. 

Geography: Concón, Chile is a beautiful little beach town which sits on the coast. It is nestled between the Cordillera de la Costa (Mountain Range of the Coast) and the Pacific Ocean. 

Language spoken: Spanish 

The energy of the city: 

Concón and it’s beautiful beaches and coastal living are a tourist attraction for those living in more urban areas such as Santiago. From April to about November, Concón is peaceful, not too crowded and pretty quiet (except for the occasional three day weekend in which it fills up).  During the summer (December to March–remember, it’s the Southern Hemisphere), Concón gets a bit noisier and is overcrowded in my opinion, but is still liveable 🙂  

The people of Concon: I find that the majority of people are kind and very generous. 

Where do you go to connect with nature? 

Hmm… I have quite a few places that are my escapes… this typically depends on the day but typically rotates between the beach, forest and dunes. 

Good place to go with friends

Ironically enough, my favorite place to go with friends is a restaurant/bar called Friends. It’s really one of the best bars to go grab a drink or a burger with friends and family. 

Best place to people watch 

The dunes or the beach!

Your favorite traditional meal? 

One of my favorite Chilean foods is called an ‘humita.’ An humita is ground corn with a few spices added, placed back in the corn stalk, folded up then boiled. It’s a seasonal food due to the corn, and is eaten in the summertime. You can add a little salt or even a little sugar!

Is there anything you don’t like about the city?

It becomes a little too touristy for my liking in the summertime… but there’s definitely pros and cons. In the summer, it is light outside until about 9ish which I LOVE, but in the winter it can get pretty chilly and sunset is around 5:30 or 6pm.

A holiday that is unique to Chile 

Fiestas Patrias is a holiday that is typically celebrated with family and usually is one or multiple cookouts, delicious food, lots of delicious Chilean wine and maybe even some Cueca (traditional Chilean dance).

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