Journaling Prompts to help you get more out of your travels

I know that traveling can be as exhausting as it is invigorating and some days the last thing you want to do is reflect on your day but if you can briefly free write using these points as a basis as many nights as you can during your travels then I think you will recognize and learn things about yourself you never would have otherwise discovered. 

  1. What was your very favorite thing you did today and how did it make you feel?
  2. Did anything you experienced today bring up any discomfort or negative emotion? Try to name the feeling and recognize if that discomfort is in your mind or is the feeling more in your body. Journal deeper about this if you need. (Sometimes the things that bring up the worst feelings show you the places you need the explore within yourself and ultimately bring around the most growth) 
  3. Get out of your own mind for a minute and describe with a few adjectives how the energy of the town you are in feels to you.  (For example: Warm, Busy, Electric) 

3 thoughts on “Journaling Prompts to help you get more out of your travels

  1. Wonderful post! 🙂
    Thank you for making my day with such a wonderful article!

    As they say, inspiration can come from anywhere, you just have to look for it. In my case, it’s right from this article.

    I want to remain updated with your work, so I have decided to follow you! 🙂

    Kiran Kandel


      1. The pleasure is all mine. 🙂
        I am eagerly waiting for your future posts!

        Also, as your content is inspiring me to come to your blog, it would be of great help to get suggestions from you on my post.
        Thank you!


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