World Wide Connections

Just a little food for thought… 

With ~ plenty of time to reflect during this time, I have been thinking about the biggest problems facing this world, and how we can come together to solve them.  I think problems arise when there is a lack of feeling of unity and connection throughout the globe – whether that may be a lack of connection between people of different races and ethnicities or between people and the earth. I also think that communication and connection are what’s needed to fix these problems. 

When I thought of the biggest problems facing our world today (in my opinion), hate and its resulting violence and climate change, I realized both of these things result from a lack of connection. Hate results from the inability of one person or group of people to recognize the soul and humanity of another. I believe that it truly is that simple. We all get caught up in stories told to us by the media or governments but if we can take a step back and feel connected to our fellow human beings, if we can realize that a problem facing one part of the world is a problem for all of us, then we will be more motivated to act as a cohesive unit and more likely to succeed. We are so interconnected that what is felt in one piece of the world will eventually be felt in the other corner as well – this is especially true for climate change. In the western world we are not reminded daily of climate change like the climate refugees from the Pacific Islands or West Africa so without it at the forefront of our minds we are less motivated to act. However, if more people recognize and feel the pain of those already suffering, maybe as a global community we can come together and create lasting change. 

The world is so big yet it really is so small. We are all the same. We all experience joy, sadness, excitement and pain. If we can connect to people from every corner of the world and feel that support and commonality then I think we will realize and take responsibility for our collective power. The beauty of the sheer number of people on this planet is that we can make a collective big difference with relatively small actions on the part of each individual.  

Luckily, we have social media which I think is an integral part of realizing those world wide connections and creating a more global community. You can connect with people from Tanzania to Australia to Peru to France and truly feel like you are supported from all around the world. 

With this blog I hope to facilitate those connections. I want to encourage people to travel and arm themselves with information of people and cities from around the globe to help the unknown to feel a little less scary. I want to help you see that although people may speak a different language in Tokyo or Nairobi,  we really are all so similar. I also will be writing some posts on self development and meditation because the level of awareness these practices give you elevates your consciousness and helps you to realize your own global responsibility. Through realizations like these, the world becomes less divided and moves toward a more collective and shared love which is the state that supports great positive change both individually and collectively. 

I hope that this post has motivated you to create some connections outside of your immediate world and given you some things to think about.  it all comes down to connection between people, to a web of support felt from every corner of the globe and to empathy felt for every soul in the world, no matter their nationality, race or religion. 

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